How Camp Y Not got started


After Jim Musgrove married Janet Emerick in 1957, he became interested in the hunting and fishing experiences that were available in the Fairhope, Pa. area. Jim, some of his family… and a few friends began to stay at the home of his in-laws, Carrie and Ira Emerick, during the hunting and fishing season. The number of people that came to hunt and fish outnumbered the rooms in Carrie and Ira’s small house. Jim was given permission, from Ira Emerick, to build something on Ira’s property that would allow more space for the growing number of sportsman that fell in love with the area as well. Jim bought a canvas tent and the sportsman were happy to sleep in the great outdoors. They used kerosene stoves to heat the tent, and cooked over an open fire.





A small building was constructed for the purpose of a cooking and eating quarters. The hunters and fishermen continued to sleep in the tents. After several years, the bottom part of the camp was built from old lumber that was retrieved from the property of Benjamin and Emma Adams, Jim’s grandparents. The bottom part became the kitchen, complete with a gas cooking stove and a home-made picnic table. The camp was heated with kerosene stoves. The top part that was used as a kitchen became the sleeping quarters. Handmade bunks replaced the sleeping bags that were used in the outside tent.

Will, Rich, Kenny, and Norman at the first camp remodel


Ira Emerick passed away in 1985, and his wife Carrie passed away in 2004. The estate of Carrie Emerick was sold to Roger and Cathy Emerick (son and daughter in law of Ira and Carrie), and Marge and Bruce Kastner (granddaughter of Carrie and Ira and her husband) in 2004.

Grandma and Grandpap Emerick


Two trophies were created by Bruce Kastner, in honor of Jim’s dad, James (Rip) Musgrove after Rip’s passing. Rip enjoyed the great outdoors. He was a member of the camp and will always be missed by everyone that new him. The trophy’s are passed from season to season to the hunter who has bagged the biggest buck and the smallest buck.


Duane with RIP trophy


In 2004, Marge and Bruce Kastner remodeled Camp Y Not. Due to poor health Jim was not able to be a part of the camp or the great outdoors that he loved so much. After years of failing health Jim passed away, but will never be forgotten. There is a plaque hanging on the door of the camp in honor of Jim Musgrove. Bruce took over the books that kept the records of deer kills and camp expenses. The trophy’s that Bruce created are still being passed around to the hunters that have bagged the biggest buck and the smallest buck of the season. Since the remodel, families of the camp members started coming to the camp to enjoy the serene surroundings that Fairhope has to offer.